Phynix L. Caskey has been drawing since she was a little girl starting with drawing horses and Disney characters to pass her time that wasn�t spent with her pets or reading. It was not till late 2000 that she decided this is what she wanted to do as a job, making it more then just a hobby. It has always been a slow road for her to teach herself to draw. But soon she found the right combination of paper and digital media made it easier for her!

    Phynix mostly works in the world of anime and loves to draw fantasy creatures like dragons, unicorns, and the odd fairy. Recently she started to draw anthropomorphic creatures, normally called furries, and has found that is her residence of her artwork.

    Phynix�s current goal in the world of artwork is to show her pieces at a few conventions and to bring in a steady flow of commissions. To commission her just visit her at Deviant art, or check out her commission page here at her site. To make a special requests please email her and ask. The worse that she can say is no.

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