I really am not a fan of bio's, I think it is because I have a rough time writing things about myself so here is a nice little list of things I think you might find interesting?

• I am a stay at home mother!
• We have many pets two Dog's, two Cats, A Rabbit, A Snake, two Roommates, and a Husband!
• My daughter was born in April 2003, she is an Aries!
• My Husband (also an Aries!) and I are not actually Married!
… We got together in 2002
… Had our daughter in 2003
… Bought a house in 2005
… Got Engaged in February 2017
• I was born on November 26, 1982 making me a Sagitarius.
• Lives in Winnipeg, MB Canada

Well if information about me is not what you came here for maybe, just maybe you are here for information about me as an artist? So here is some information about my Art!
• Been drawing in a serious manner since 2005
• I have a tendency to flip between mediums
• I find Copic markers and watercolour to be my favourite mediums
• I own a Wacom Cintiqu 13HD for digital work
• I freelance, but my main focus is having fun
• I am really bad at keeping websites and stores updated, but my goal is to work hard on that this year!
• I own my own print company allowing me to do prints for my self on demand, and for other artsits
• I have been trying my hand at Youtube, and have much to learn before I go "professional" on it


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