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This form can be used for so many things. SO SO MANY THINGS! Here are just a few things you can use it for. But just because I gave you suggestions doesn't mean you can't use it for what you see fit!


Questions! Yes Questions! Here is an example!
What is your favorite Candy? (Answer, Chocolate bars usually!)


Can we do an art swap/trade?
Yes we can! What I need you all to do is to give me an idea of what you want to swap. Original characters? A theme, a colour swap, medium swap? I LOVE TO SWAP! So please send me a request and we will add you to the event page!
Please include a few things when you ask for a swap/trade. A full detail of what you want to do, what type of time frame you want from start to end (please note you get fitted into my busy schedule) Do NOT ask for NSFW things, rule of thumb if you do not want it on Youtube, do not ask me for it. And last but not least I need you to send me a Social Media Link. I don;t care about followers or your skill level, I just want to be able to link to you when I post my half.


And so much more. Any ways use the form, If the form didn;t work for you please email me!


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