Welcome to my FAQ page, I get asked many things in all the different places I show up at, here are just a few of the most common ones!

    Q: Can I use your art for a layout on my site, a graphic, or to sell?
A:Sorry the only ones with rights to use my art as they see fit are the few I give permissions too. Amongst the few are VampirePaladin(My Friend and Graphics Person), MausuZ (My Friend and Fellow Artist) and the odd time I will give permissions for a single piece to be used as you wish if you are the person who commissioned it. But no Commission of piece, no using of pieces!

    Q: Can I get you to draw (place item here)?
A: You sure can, go over to my Commission section and read that carefully then please email me with all the information I need and how you are paying me and I will be happy to do it. Oh did you mean for free? Sorry I don�t do free art currently.

    Q: What is your Email?
A: Not to be rude, but it is on the navigation, but for them of you who don't see it. Phynix@mymts.net

    Q: Can I have a link back to my site with yours?
A: You can, all you have to do is put a link to my site on your own site and then send me your url. I do ask that if you have a mature site you make sure the warnings are in place for it.

    Q: What are your views on mature content on sites?
A: I liked this question when I got it, made me sit and think as a website designer, and artist, and a mother. I am okay with mature and Adult images on websites and my daughter is welcome to look at the artistic ones and I am not far when she is online. I think that all parents should be close by to answer questions that kids may have and that is what their job is. It is not my job to keep their kids out of my site or any other sites. But at the same time it is common curtsey to post warnings. Just prevents fights.

    Q: Is all the art on your site done by you?
A: Most of it, some of the art is collaborated with other people and they are given credit on it as well. We also have people who drew things for LBB, Karadasa, and other things that send there art to me and I show it off, the art like that is given the credit so it is all credited and accounted for. I try to keep all my bases covered.

    Q: I wrote a story involving your characters, do you want me to send it to you?
A: Oh yes yes please!!! I would love to read stories done by others! And as long as they are Beta Read and I like them I may ask you if I can post it on the site to show the others! So please send in the stories to me! I can�t wait to read them.

    Q: On a few of your pieces there is a sale price what is that about?
A: The sale price is usually on the pieces that are one of a kind works, mostly on the My Little Pony section, these prices are for you so if you like the item you can buy it! As well I do trade things as long as you have a bit of feedback with another artist I know, on ebay, or on MLP Arena.

    Q: You had a shop to buy your merchandise from your site what happened?
A: Long long story on that, the short of it is this, I tried to make it look nice and work well and it went POOF! It was up only a few days. I am working on getting it back.





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